Bad bad bad blogger

I have been in a bloggers funk it seems. Just didn't have a whole lot to say. I guess I just needed time for self reflection on my life and the directions I want to go. Yeap my birthday came on Sunday the 6th and I had what I would call a perfect day. Lots of phone calls from family and friends, and a day of just sitting in my PJ's and doing what I wanted. No great expectations just thinking and searching. It is amazing that I am now 58. Turning 50 certainly didn't bother me as much as this birthday has. My goal has always been to age gracefuly and I am falling short of that. I do mind the grey hair, the wrinkles the sagging body the aches and pains of the joints. I do mind the lack of energy, of being tired all the time. When I think of retirement coming up in the next few years (ya right) I want to be full of energy, embrace my life, travel, do unexpected things. Guess we will see where that goes.

So again it was a busy week at work with the usual trials, stressors, and of course the positive good laughs and many lunches with vendors. Unusual bizzare weird phone calls and patient requests. typical week.
let's see last Friday I attended a crop at Devine Memories and didn't accomplish a whole lot but had a great time just hanging out visiting.
so on to a new week busy weekend is ahead with Michelle's Celebration of Life Service today, and celebration of Sadera's, TJ's and my birthdays and Mother's Day tonight at our favorite Japanese resturant. So a good weekend ahead of me

Birthday gift from a dear friend Michelle. I love this little bird

Jan's May Stampin Up Club class. Good times and wonderful cards and bag

Michelle passed away last Friday May 4th. She fought such a valient battle but according to her husband Don she passed peacefully with her family at her side. To say that she will be missed by all of us is such and understatement. I think we meet one person in our lives who has an amazing impact on us. Michelle was one of those people. Such a positive, inspirational, funny, caring person. You will be so missed Michelle by all of us. We will miss that twinkle in your eye, your "wicked" sense of humor, your zest for life, and your famous stories. I know you will be watching over us and please keep Colleen in check!!!


Kim said…
i loved reading this post! and you are ageing gracefully! at least in my book! keep up the gr8 work!

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