Taking a break

It is a hot hot Sunday afternoon here in good ole AZ. Sorry Dad, I'm sure my high 90's sound better than your 60's. I have been out cleaning the pool. all these winds have deposited many leaves and other junk in my pool. So presently I'm taking a break while I refill the pool. Must say it is cooler in here than it is out there. Rocket scientist aren't I???

Yesterday was a whirlwind shopping, junking, and antiquing day with Colleen. I think we were in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Phoenix. Lots of stores lots of stuff. A news flash for all of you that know about the antique store on 7th ave that had the boom boom room. It is closed How sad. Well not for us but I'm sure someone will miss not having a place to shop for tiarras and huge sized platform shoes. Ok back to Saturday. I had some specific things in mind to shop for and 1/2 of them I found and the other 1/2 alas I did not. We were priveledged to some of the snottiest, rude staff at ETC and some of the nicest at Recollections. I truely don't know why stores don't demand their help take a class on customer service and SMILE but they don't. Glad I rarely go there as I can certainly spend my money elsewhere. Makes me so appreciate my favorite DEVINE MEMORIES where you are always greeted with a friendly smile and they are helpful!! ok any way I was able to find the doodling stencil, but only one and the Stickles I wanted. Colleen found and bought anything that was not bolted or nailed to the floor or wall. She now has 2 more baby dolls and a bassinette for them among many many other goodies. It was a fun day.
I need to complete 2 big projects I'm working on so I can get my house cleaned up. I have sacks , bags, boxes, paper and what all scattered from scraproom to the kitchen and back. oh well it is just me here so guess if I can stand it a few more days all is good.
Pool is about ready to be cleaned again and I have cooled off. More later hope all are having a wonderful weekend. Below are some pics of my goodies
Cute little jars of buttons
Metal bin Colleen thinks it needs painting but I like the rusty green

One of 2 bags Colleen bought and decide she didn't like so I bought from her

Vintage postcard holder
3 pails held together with this handle


Kim said…
looks like you found some cool stuff! and how sad about the boom boom room :) too funny!
Marilyn said…
Love the green tin, keep it green :)

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