Don't everyone faint, but yeap it is me the bad blogger actually writing today. No excuses just haven't been blogging.
I seriously can't believe this is Memorial weekend already. Boy the year is just flying by. No special plans just relax and rejuvinate for the upcoming weeks.
Kim tagged me to write 7 wierd facts about me hmmmm do I want to actually put it on paper so the whole world knows. If I think about it I guess those people that are close to me know most of my weirdness anyway ok so here goes
1. Dishwasher has to be loaded in a certain way (top rack first then bottom and silverware last)
2. Magazines, newspapers read from back to front
3. Laundry done in the same order whites, lights, darks, towels
4. I clean in absolutely the same order livingroom, kitchen, bathrooms
5. Alarm clock and watch and clocks in my house usually set 10-15 minutes ahead as I hate being late
6. Only use one type of dishsoap, laundry soap, bath soap no matter what is on sale
7. Routinely wake up at midnight starving and usually have a snack
Ok not very weird or exciting but there it is.
Lots of errands and running to do today and special projects for work to finish up for BBQ on Tuesday.
Seems weird to post without pics but haven't taken any lately. so off to start the running. Everyone have a safe and happy Memrial Day


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