Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom, Jennifer, Jo, Sheryl and Kate. Hope you are all having a great day of pampering and relaxation. That is funny huh??
My day has been quiet and I have accomplished a lot today. My big project that took over the house is completed and ready to be mailed wink! wink! The yard is raked and the debris from the last wind storm is picked up, the pool received some attention and the weeds got their daily squirt of weed killer. What more can I ask for. Just waiting for Jennifer to call so I can meet her at Trader Jo's for groceries new experience.


Birthday and Mother's Day gifts from the Vicks aka Jenn, John Sadera and Anthony. I love my clothes and.............

Yeap my new license plate cover is on too cool kids!! Bet you didn't think I would get it on so fast huh Fooled ya

Pictures from our family celebration at Tsunami last night. We celebrated 3 birthdays and Mother's Day and had a blast. New chef and the food and sushi which is already good was even better. My filet melted in my mouth. After we ate they came out and sang Happy Birthday to us what a riot and each of the birthday kids (Ya I'm a kid at heart) got a bowl of ice cream with a candle. They even brought Anthony one so he wouldn't feel left out. Great times

The famous volcano built of onions. I finally got a good pic of it

Our Chef


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