Busy weekend

I see that once again I have been a slacker with my blog. Guess that means I have been really busy with work and I admit it playing on the new computer trying to figure out many things. I think I have a few mastered and now have figured out how to blog on a new system. Wasn't hard I just needed to get it done.

We have been blessed with lots and lots of rain this month. I am so ready for blue sunny skies , no clouds and warm sunshine. I do have to say there has been beautiful fluffy dark clouds but I have had enough and am ready for the sun.

My sister has a love of counted cross stitch and samplers. I was so surprised to receive this beautiful sampler from her. The hours of work stitching this had to have been so many. I love it and have it hanging up already

This morning I received a phone call from my daughter Jenn asking me if I wanted to go with her and Sadera for pedis this morning. Ummm ya!!!! So off we headed to our favorite place and relaxed as we received a most relaxing pedi. I chose red and hearts, Jenn was a coral and hearts and Sadera decided on a manicure with lavender polish and white and gold hearts. Following the pedis I was taken to lunch at one of the Vick's favorite places Oreganos in Tempe. can I just say yum yum yum. A good relaxing lunch. Great way to start my weekend

Tomorrow is my Valentine Banner event. There are 10 of us getting together to make a Valentine Banner. Each of us were given a letter and then we design our piece and make 9 kits to share. It should be alot of fun. My letter was "I" and this is what I came up with.

And here is the envelope I made to hold all of their goodies and the kit supplies.

More to come tomorrow as I will have pics of my banner assembled.


Maija said…
I didn't get to see how sexy you toes were at our Valentine party!! Beautiful!!

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