The Count down is on

My countdown to my first event of the year has started. I fly out to Cali next Friday for 2 days of frolicking in Alice's World at Disneyland. My swaps are done and forwarded to the hostesses. I have my dress and all the accessories for the Tea Party. My supplies are packed for the classes. Yes I am ready to fly away for a weekend of creating, meeting up with friends and relaxing.

Then in almost a month I head back to cali for a special event A Jane Austen Affaire

And finally come July once again I am heading back to Cali for a wonderful event. All reservations for planes and hotels are made and now I can sit back and enjoy these adventures.

To kick off this weekend Maija hosted an evening dinner in her beautiful home. I was so excited to see Kim C and Joy C from Cali. They had flown in to attend Carol W's event. Of course Earleen, Annette, Tricia, Beth, Deb Kim H and Michelle L all contributed to a fun filled evening. Maija makes the best pomegrante margaritas and the food was so good. There was much laughter and good times. I was lucky enough to purchase my new camera bag while there. I love it and have it packed and ready for the upcoming trip.

Today I treated Jenn and Sadera to pedicures at our favorite place Rose Nails. It felt so good to soak in warm swirling water, the massage and of course testing the artistic skills of Mi Mi. Jenn and Sadera wanted St Patrick's toes and I wanted something Alice. I think all 3 of us were so pleased with what Mi Mi did



And all of us together with an unseen Anthony hanging on to us

Jenn and Sadera enjoying the massage

After a quick trip to Target we met John and Anthony for lunch at Cornish Pasty. What fun and good hearty food for a cold rainy day. I had a new for me pasty the chicken greek. It was yummy.

This is a waitress. Who looked topless behind the counter. She actually had a tube top on but we were laughing at people doing a double take when you walked in the door and saw her.

Anthony and his new short hair cut

And finally John and Jenn introduced me to my first ever Bloody Mary. The had a Bloody Mary Bar so John made both Jenn and I one. It was really good.

So there it is a long post and a short weekend.


Tina said…
So excited for you and your trips to Cali this year. You are just going to have a blast!
Looks like you had a fun weekend too! So happy for you!
susan m said…
I am soo excited to visit with you this weekend!! And I love your camera bag, where did you find that bit of loveliness?
Sandy Michelle said…
Great toes and I love the camera bag! Wish I could attend all those great events with you! Can't wait to see all the pix!

Sandy xox

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