Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy days of October

It seems that I blinked and October rushed in and is soon to rush out.It has been a very busy month with a visit from Colleen for 3 weeks,classes, lunches and dinners with family and wonderful friends and work. After Colleen left it has taken me a week to catch up, clean up and get back to a normal routine. We did have so much fun while she was here and I am sure she is as tired as I was. From what I hear she is back in her Cali nanny routine and all is going well with the 2 girls.

So yesterday turned out to be a high tech day for me. I have wanted an iphone since the first came out but waited till I could upgrade. Yesterday was the day!!!! TJ was a sweetie and came in from Casa Grande to go with me. We had the fun bought , registered and ready to use within 10 minutes. So fast. Love my new phone and now need to learn all of the features ha ha. I was disappointed as they didn't have any cases well cases that I wanted so a pink bumper is on till I find the case I want.

While at the Apple store I also was able to pick up iLife 11. Loaded it and have been playing with the new iPhoto upgrade. Loving it so far but need a lot more time to play.

After our Apple adventure we headed out to see Anthony play baseball. It actually was a pretty nice day lots of sun and some of us were hot and some of us got a wee bit red. Following the game it was to the Olive Garden for lunch with the family and then home to rest. Jenn and John had a Halloween Party to attend, Anthony had a birthday party to attend and Sadera came over and stayed with me. She frosted Halloween sugar cookies and we had fun decorating the with only frosting as Grandma had no sprinkles, candies or anything to decorate with. oops!!!!

John and Jenn ready to head out. Jenn found this jacket at Goodwill and I can't wait to get it and cut off all the rhinestone trim and buttons:)

The Vicks

Sugar cookies Sadera brought over. Ghosts,bats, pumpkins, frankensteins, and gravestones

Sadera frosting

Her finished cookies. She did these all by herself Good job. She has one special one for Uncle TJ

TJ giving me the evil eye. He loves having his pic taken

Baseball Parents!!!

Anthony pitching

Anthony batting

A great week end has flown by and tomorrow it is back to work for me. Hoping everyone had a great weekend
Colleen still waiting for you to send me pics hint hint

Sunday, October 10, 2010

End of an Era 10/10/10

Today marks the closing of The Presbyterian Church in Early , Iowa. As I write this the closing ceremonies are being held. This is the Church that at least 4+ generations of the Struchens worshipped. There were many baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals all held in this Church. I was baptized, attended Sunday School and Vacation Bible School here, confirmed as a member of the Church here, and married here. A tradition held by my parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents. So it was with a heavy heart as I read Dad's email saying that today was the final day of Church and that the closing ceremony would be held. Many good memories of this Church

Last year Dad and Mom rescued this little wooden folding chair. I sat on a chair like this every Sunday for our Sunday School class. I was also lucky enough to receive one of the old hymnals

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Last day of the Weekend

And so 3 days off have come to an end. It has been a whirlwind of celebrating Colleen's birthday and stay here in Arizona. From lunches with friends, shopping till we dropped, printer lessons, good old girl chat it has been a fun, energizing as well as exhausting weekend. Today the weekend concluded with a brunch at TC's restaurant with Colleen's inlays, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I was so lucky to be able to join them. and so as I said before the weekend is coming to a close. Time to think of getting everything lined up for the work week.

The beautiful Jew family
Jan, Colleen,John, Daisy and Roy


Roy and Daisy

Colleen Roy and Daisy

In between running around I managed to finish 2 swifter duster things. If you are like me whenever I was ready to dust I had run out of the swifter duster cloths. So when I saw this easy pattern to make reusable ones I decided to try it. It was so easy to make them and it is good for the environment as there is no disposing of the used cloths. Also it will save me money and most important of all frustration:) when I have run out of the refills

Sewn and ready to be washed and dried

Fresh out of the dryer and yeah they work well!! I have some beautiful flannels to make more

Happy Birthday Colleen Day 2

Happy Birthday Colleen. Wishes for a great year filled with family, friends and wonderful events sent your way!!

The Birthday girl arrived at 9 am Saturday morning to start her celebration. Of course first stop was Starbucks for needed coffee and a pumpkin muffin for me and a banana for Colleen. Ya you can tell who eats healthy :)
After fortifying ourselves with beverage and food we headed out on our marathon day. 1st stop was Mystic Paper. Lots of new goodies to be seen and purchased, classes to sign up for and visiting. From Mystic it was on to Fiber Arts where we were in awe of the beautiful yarns especially the hand dyed ones. We both ended up with needles and yarn to make socks.. Well let me tell ya I have the stitches casted on and now am stuck guess we will see if I can figure it out. From Fiber Arts to Scrapbook's etc.
Do you begin to get the idea we were on a mission??? Lots of shopping completed everywhere we went.

So, since it was sweet Colleen's Birthday she chose to return to Urban Loft for lunch. Probably, in hindsight not our best decision:) Lunch was very very long in terms of waiting to be served and parking lets just say there was NONE but we still managed to have a great lunch fabulous yummy desserts and enjoyed just sitting and catching up.

It was a good day as they say. Tired hot and broke ha ha we headed home.

Colleen who rarely has dessert with her gelato. Happy Happy Birthday Colleen

Chicken citrus salad was lunch

Our teas Colleen's looks like water but it really was tea

My tiramisu

So today is day 3 and I am joining Colleen and her family for brunch at TC's. Then it is home to clean, laundry and oh ya maybe a nap

Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 1 of 3 days off

Today is the 1st day of 3 days of celebrating Colleen. Colleen arrived a week ago and today was really the first day I had to indulge in a girl's day of play.
We met Earleen and Annette at Urban Tea Loft in historic downtown Chandler for lunch. The lunch surpassed all of my expectations. It was delicious.

Following lunch we headed over to Merchant Square for a little antiquing. Seems we all came away with some beautiful things. I was lucky to find laces and some beautiful vintage linens as well as some jewelry.

Colleen enjoying our wonderful warm weather:)

The group Annette, Earleen, Colleen and myself.

It was a wonderful day of friends, laughter, good food and great shopping. Tomorrow day 2 is actually Colleen's birthday and we are off early am with a big list of places to check out.