Busy days of October

It seems that I blinked and October rushed in and is soon to rush out.It has been a very busy month with a visit from Colleen for 3 weeks,classes, lunches and dinners with family and wonderful friends and work. After Colleen left it has taken me a week to catch up, clean up and get back to a normal routine. We did have so much fun while she was here and I am sure she is as tired as I was. From what I hear she is back in her Cali nanny routine and all is going well with the 2 girls.

So yesterday turned out to be a high tech day for me. I have wanted an iphone since the first came out but waited till I could upgrade. Yesterday was the day!!!! TJ was a sweetie and came in from Casa Grande to go with me. We had the fun bought , registered and ready to use within 10 minutes. So fast. Love my new phone and now need to learn all of the features ha ha. I was disappointed as they didn't have any cases well cases that I wanted so a pink bumper is on till I find the case I want.

While at the Apple store I also was able to pick up iLife 11. Loaded it and have been playing with the new iPhoto upgrade. Loving it so far but need a lot more time to play.

After our Apple adventure we headed out to see Anthony play baseball. It actually was a pretty nice day lots of sun and some of us were hot and some of us got a wee bit red. Following the game it was to the Olive Garden for lunch with the family and then home to rest. Jenn and John had a Halloween Party to attend, Anthony had a birthday party to attend and Sadera came over and stayed with me. She frosted Halloween sugar cookies and we had fun decorating the with only frosting as Grandma had no sprinkles, candies or anything to decorate with. oops!!!!

John and Jenn ready to head out. Jenn found this jacket at Goodwill and I can't wait to get it and cut off all the rhinestone trim and buttons:)

The Vicks

Sugar cookies Sadera brought over. Ghosts,bats, pumpkins, frankensteins, and gravestones

Sadera frosting

Her finished cookies. She did these all by herself Good job. She has one special one for Uncle TJ

TJ giving me the evil eye. He loves having his pic taken

Baseball Parents!!!

Anthony pitching

Anthony batting

A great week end has flown by and tomorrow it is back to work for me. Hoping everyone had a great weekend
Colleen still waiting for you to send me pics hint hint


Maija said…
Time with family and friends is such a treasure!!
Tina said…
You have been busy...but with some good stuff! :)

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