Last day of the Weekend

And so 3 days off have come to an end. It has been a whirlwind of celebrating Colleen's birthday and stay here in Arizona. From lunches with friends, shopping till we dropped, printer lessons, good old girl chat it has been a fun, energizing as well as exhausting weekend. Today the weekend concluded with a brunch at TC's restaurant with Colleen's inlays, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I was so lucky to be able to join them. and so as I said before the weekend is coming to a close. Time to think of getting everything lined up for the work week.

The beautiful Jew family
Jan, Colleen,John, Daisy and Roy


Roy and Daisy

Colleen Roy and Daisy

In between running around I managed to finish 2 swifter duster things. If you are like me whenever I was ready to dust I had run out of the swifter duster cloths. So when I saw this easy pattern to make reusable ones I decided to try it. It was so easy to make them and it is good for the environment as there is no disposing of the used cloths. Also it will save me money and most important of all frustration:) when I have run out of the refills

Sewn and ready to be washed and dried

Fresh out of the dryer and yeah they work well!! I have some beautiful flannels to make more


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