Happy Birthday Colleen Day 2

Happy Birthday Colleen. Wishes for a great year filled with family, friends and wonderful events sent your way!!

The Birthday girl arrived at 9 am Saturday morning to start her celebration. Of course first stop was Starbucks for needed coffee and a pumpkin muffin for me and a banana for Colleen. Ya you can tell who eats healthy :)
After fortifying ourselves with beverage and food we headed out on our marathon day. 1st stop was Mystic Paper. Lots of new goodies to be seen and purchased, classes to sign up for and visiting. From Mystic it was on to Fiber Arts where we were in awe of the beautiful yarns especially the hand dyed ones. We both ended up with needles and yarn to make socks.. Well let me tell ya I have the stitches casted on and now am stuck guess we will see if I can figure it out. From Fiber Arts to Scrapbook's etc.
Do you begin to get the idea we were on a mission??? Lots of shopping completed everywhere we went.

So, since it was sweet Colleen's Birthday she chose to return to Urban Loft for lunch. Probably, in hindsight not our best decision:) Lunch was very very long in terms of waiting to be served and parking lets just say there was NONE but we still managed to have a great lunch fabulous yummy desserts and enjoyed just sitting and catching up.

It was a good day as they say. Tired hot and broke ha ha we headed home.

Colleen who rarely has dessert with her gelato. Happy Happy Birthday Colleen

Chicken citrus salad was lunch

Our teas Colleen's looks like water but it really was tea

My tiramisu

So today is day 3 and I am joining Colleen and her family for brunch at TC's. Then it is home to clean, laundry and oh ya maybe a nap


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