March A month of Creating

March was my special month, a month of travel, friends and creating. After my weekend in LA enjoying Moulin Rouge Kim's fantastic event I came home a little on the sick side. I had one week to recover and get ready for Carol's event. Carol's weekend started with a soldering class taught by Lynda at her beautiful home in Queen Creek. It was a relaxed beautiful sunny day on her patio learning the art of soldering. By the way I am still not proficient. I hear practice is the key! I did manage to complete 2 charms and do have to say they turned out really well.
I loved the ambiance of Lynda's French decor. Her home felt so warm, cozy and oh so French. I loved that there were big clocks in every room.

My soldered charms

Bright and early I picked up Colleen and of course after a stop at Starbucks we headed over to Carol's home.

We were greeted by Miss Ella as we made our way to the front door.

Our table settings. As usual Carol had outdone herself in the packaging of our kits. The sweet clipboards with our names announced where we were to sit

The beautiful patio where our class was held

Table setting for the food

Colleen and I enjoying our breakfast in the patio area

Working working working stamping away

It was a beautiful bright sunny day to sit outside and enjoy creating our books. I still have lots to do to finish it
Thanks Carol for a fun day of class and wonderful food and friends


Sandy Michelle said…
I love all the vignettes in her home! I heard everyone got sick with the 'Moulin Flu'. Glad you're feeling better!


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