Happy Happy Birthday Vick Guys

40 years ago Friday Tal and John entered into this world. Now separated by many miles, Washington State and Az, they remain as close as every. Jennifer laid the ground work to bring them together for their 40th birthday celebration. From the save the date cards from Starbucks. to the invitations and ending in a dinner for family and friends, she planned it all. It was a wonderful tribute to Tal and John enjoyed by their closest friends and family.

So last nite was the final hooray at CIBO Urban Pizzaria. In downtown Phoenix on 5th Ave this is a quaint very popular place. The restaurant looked like it had been an old house and we were lucky enough to be seated in the carriage house behind the main building. It landed just the perfect atmosphere for a celebration. Good food, wine and great friends and family helped John and Tal welcome in the big 40!

I will warn you all now there are a lot of photos as friends and family unable to join us requested pictures. It seems my camera was well used as many people were taking pics. When I got home there were way over 120 pics from our little party.

John and Tal

John and Jenn

Patio of the carriage house

wine corner

Inside the carriage house

Anthony and I. Anthony's hat was worn by all and many many pics resulted in his hat

Sadera and I

The girls


My beer

Jenn's pizza it was a white pizza pesto potato and onion so so good

John and Tal with their Aunt Lezlie and Uncle Larry

Sadera and the Winn twins

Scott and Cassie

Winns with their twin boys and Anthony Yeap 2 sets of twins for them It seemed like a twin reunion

John and Matt (fellow band member)

John and Scott (another band member)

After dinner espresso

And finally to die for cupcakes from a new business in Tempe Great great delicious cupcakes


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