Happy Father's Day Dad

For someone who meant so much
and loved by all he knew
who left behind a trail of tears
and precious memories too

We loved the sunshine in his smile
and kindness in his heart
but heaven saw that he was tired
 which meant we had to part

And now that it's his special day
dear angels, hear our prayer
please guard him with your gentle wings
and tend him with great care

For he was some wonderful
and words just can't convey
how much we wish that he was here
once more, with us today

Miss you more and more with each passing day.  Miss my daily text or emails, miss the Sunday at 4pm phone calls and miss having you there to share all my tragedies and triumphs.  You are missed and loved so very much.


How do we know said…
My cousin wrote this in my dad's commemorative album. And it made me cry. She pointed me to your blog. Thank you.. for saying exactly what was in our hearts.. only so much better!

God Bless!

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