Is Fear a Factor For You??

What a day it was. Up at 2 am, showered and off to work. Oh ya Happy Birthday to me. 57 boy that is a number! 3 years till 60 and I don't feel 57!! Oh well no time to reflect and bemoan today it is work time folks. Unit was opened and ready for business by 4. Great staff to work with today. Flowers, cake card and yeap a VENTI sufgar free lo fat milk vanilla LATTE what could be better. At 3 pm work done figued out after I found the screwdriver how to lock the front door jumped in the car and hit the I-10 off to the P-A-R-T-Y.Fear Factor Party for sweet Sadera's 8th birthday with 10- 8 year old girls. Oh wow that is fun. Of course the favoried Uncle TJ was there right in the middle of things when I arrived. Frozen t-shit contest was in full swing. A few pics of the big day to follow.By 5pm I'm done, head pounding and home to bed. Exciting 57th birthday huh?? Where is my stamina and fortitude??? Another milestone come and gone. Still happy 97% of the time, love the new fork in the road of letting my creative and artistic side out. Love exploring all the new ways to be artistic. 3% of the time I'm so missing that special relationship. But as some say get over it chill out life is what it is and make the best of it. So bye 56 hello 57.

Frozen t-shirt contest Yeah Anthony you won..But it doesn't count as sissy says "it's not your party"

MMMM... soo good get the eyeball bubble gum in the middle of dirt & worms oh soo good

Sadera's birthday present from all of us

The Cake


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