And the Saga Continues

So the saga continues. I woke up Saturday positive thinking everything is fixed and life is good. No Internet however and another phone call to India was nonproductive. I talked with TJ and he ran me through many trials to see if we could get it to work to no avail. So we came up with 2 options: switch Internet providers or get an air card. Neither could be accomplished till Monday. Well in the meantime my Island crops are withering, my farm is being neglected , I have no clue what is going on in Internet land.
I decided to forget the Internet and spend my time on putting the house together. Had to wash all the throw rugs, vac, and mop all the dirt and basically just clean. Did tons of laundry.
Next on the agenda was a shower and head to Anthony's BD party/Halloween party. Anthony's BD is in Dec and it is difficult to get a BD celebration in as most of the kids he invites are swamped with school, church and family gatherings. So he and Jenn cooked up the idea of an early party. Anyway I jump in the shower feeling that things are under control and life except for the Internet is all good again. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! I finish my shower and try to turn off the water and yeap you guessed it the faucet wouldn't shut off the water. Is this never going to end I think. Get out of the shower and throw clothes on as the phone rings and am talking to a friend and we are laughing at my ongoing traumatic adventures. Head out the door and shut off the water to the house till I can figure out what to do next. At least the new shut off valve worked! I tried everything I could think of to get that dang valve to turn nadda nope noway was it budging. Many wonderful words escaped my mouth!!! Jen stopped over to pick up a few things for the party looked at the faucet and proclaimed this is an easy fix I will help you tomorrow! Ya right nothing has been easy fix these days.
Long story short I was getting ready to head to the party when another friend calls. I am lamenting my horrible Friday to her when suddenly she is saying I can't hear you and off goes the phone. Yeap just great. I walked in my office area to grab the other phone and the Internet is on. Yeah the Internet is on my phones are out. What the heck is going on. Friend called back and phones working, Internet working no water leaks electricity is on life is 99.9% good.
I was almost afraid to get in the car to go to party but I did. Greeted by wild little boys and tons of good snacks and food. Night ended well
Now today I get reluctantly out of bed thinking ok now what. So far at 8 am it is a good day. Had to turn on the water to the house so I can get some laundry done and now it is sit and wait for Jen to come over for the easy quick fix on the faucet. We will see.
I think I am glad I will be going to work on Monday!!!

Anthony the Birthday Boy he will be 9 in Dec

The whole family

The wild ones

John and Jen

The cute cake made out of cupcakes

Sadera the jelly fish and her friend Ms ladybug

The table and all the yummy snacks

The new water pipe in the laundry room Dry wall is going to need to be replaced

And the wonderful new shut off valve to the house

So I am feeling pretty confident that I am on an uphill swing. Let's see what Sunday brings!!!


Sandy Michelle said…
I'm so sorry eveything is going all wrong for you! I love the kids all dressed up though!

Sandy xox

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