A good Weekend So Far

It is amazing that a week ago my world was a mess with multiple problems with the house. One week later my world is calm and oh so positive. While this is a very busy weekend it has been filled to the brim so far with all good things.
Today was girls day out in celebration of Jen's BD tomorrow. Us girls Sadera, Jenn and I started our day with a pedi at Rose Nails. This is our favorite place as they do a wonderful pedi and massage while the big comfy massage chair relaxes you and the warm swirling water your feet are soaking in totally gives you peace. As usual our big decision was what nail color or design we wanted. I am a bit more adventurous than Jen and Sadera is way way more gun ho than either of us. Sadera picked her design immediately and then I had mine and oops Jen picked the same one as me. They turned out great. I also had my French manicure so was pampered with a hand and arm massage too.:) Yes Jamie I was thinking about you.
After the pampering we headed out for a bit of retail time. Checked out the new Hobby Lobby. Then to lunch at a favorite place Macaroni Grill. We had a very long leisurely lunch thanks to a very slow waitress but it was ok as we were in no hurry. It was back home so I could give Jen her gift. I gave her one of Jamie's bracelets and she loved it. It had been a very long time since the 3 of us have had a nice long day together and we all were tired but had so much fun. Tomorrow officially Jen's BD is the family lunch. The guys are included in this one :)
Our beautiful toes. Mine are the striped flip flops, Sadera was barefoot and Jen the dark ones. If you click on the pic you can see the little rhinestones on our toes and Sadera's wild dots.

Jen's bracelet designed by Jamie

So backing up a day to Friday. Colleen is back in town all be it very whirlwind in and out she is here!!!!! She looks great and I got to see baby Ella. Jan and I stole her away for a quick lunch and visit before dropping her off at Roy and Daisy's home. Next trip back will be in Dec. She is flying back to Oakland Sun am. It was so good to see her and Jan and I did our best to point out all the positives of AZ life:)

No trip or visit with Colleen is complete without a visit to Starbuck's. Just look what we found. perfect for my coffee to take to work

Wednesday nite was Stampin Up club and as usual Jan had beautiful cards for us to make. We completed 2 Christmas and one Thanksgiving card.

So far said with fingers crossed everything is running well, no leaks, electricity is on, Internet is on. Good times at my house!!!


Tina said…
So I actually read both of the latest posts but wanted to say I love the toes!!! Adorable! I like the rhinestones and the photo is a cute one.
You got a new banner too, didn't you?
Glad you had fun with Colleen and celebrating Jennifer's birthday.
Kim Caldwell said…
Fabulous toes Miss Sherry!! Love, Love the bracelet AND sweet Colleen!! You too, hee hee. . .

Hugs, Kim

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