A Little Trim Please

This has been one week that I am so glad is over. I am hoping that next week is going to be a much better one. Tuesday when I got home from work a big branch from the olive tree in my front yard was laying in the yard. I was lucky that it missed my house. Fast forward to today. TJ rounded up the troops and they all descended on my house with fresh croissants to take care of the BIG branch. Well they decided to take down a few more branches to protect the house. Ummmmm Jennifer, Sadera and I were sent to Home Depot for a chain saw. When we got back over half the tree was down and a short time later the whole tree was lying on the ground. Little Anthony had a huge blister on his and from using the small saw to cut up the branches. After cleaning up the mess and filling TJ's truck with as much as we could we all showered and headed to lunch. Time to celebrate John's birthday

My huge olive tree pre it's trim!!!

The fallen branch

Anthony working so so hard cutting the tree up

And the little trim turned into a take down!!

The girls!!!!

The guys

Another yummy lunch at Cornish Pasty, lots of conversation and laughs
Thanks kids for helping today


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