Busy Weekend

Such a busy weekend for me. The time is flying by and I am not nearly completed with my long to do list. TJ and I fly out to Iowa for Thanksgiving with my family on the 19th. Sad that Jenn and her family can't go. They will be missed!!!
Reservations for shuttle pick up made today so in that area I am done. Now packing and getting all the little things I need to remember to take with me have not been started. Plus I have four days to get all those pesky work related things taken care of. Yikes I need to get going that is for sure.

I spent most of my morning waiting for Cox Cable to come install new internet service. Mine was slower than dial up!! Finally he arrived and of course was it an easy installation?? Nope, but you all figured that right? In a little over an hour the trench was dug, holes drilled into the house, cable run and viola I have super fast internet again. Love love love it.

Yesterday was my day just for me. I needed a creative break that is for sure. I took a class at Mystic Paper with Suzette Ricks. What a fun class and the result is a beautiful Christmas mini album. I finished it this morning except for photos while I waited for cable man. I am going to look for pictures when I am home this next week. I learned several new techniques and have to say I am on love with the Liquitex glass beads texture gel. This stuff is amazing and fun to use. Here are just a few of the many pages we created. Check out Suzette's blog for much better photos as no matter what I did this am I couldn't get a good pic of the covers. I am looking forward to her class in January Vintage Finds mini album

Front cover

Back cover

A few of the pages inside

Hoping to stay in touch from Iowa. Dad tells me there was snow. So I guess I need to rethink my wardrobe a bit. More jeans and sweaters and boots and scarves type thing:)


Annette Schwab said…
That book looks amazing!!! Wish I could have taken the class!
Traci said…
Wow Sherry, your Christmas album is beautiful! Looks like a great class, I'll have to remember to keep it on my to do list.
Tina said…
You are going to have such a wonderful time in Iowa! Enjoy!
And I do love that mini book. It is beautiful!

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