A Pickle of a Day

It was a pickling day at my home yesterday. Jenn informed us that Bountiful Baskets was offering pickling cucumbers these week and TJ jumped on the wagon. He ordered 100lbs of pickling cucumbers. Yes that is most certainly correct. We all thought he was crazy but of course he insisted that he figured it out and that was correct. WRONG!!!!!! We have 50 lbs sitting in my kitchen needing to be processed:) It was a fun day filled with near misses of slicing fingers, steam burns, dropping a few filled jars as they were a bit hot coming out of the canner. Luckily none broke, laughter and the end result of 20 quarts of dills and 24 pints of bread and butter pickles. TJ was generous and split them with all of us. Now could we buy pickles in the store cheaper?? Probably but cucumbers+ spices+ lots of vinegar +equipment + family = priceless memories. And the best part my sinuses were clear! Probably from all the vinegar and spices cooking but it was a good day!

So pickling 101 began:
Jenn and John picked up the produce and delivered to my door. I am thinking TJ over estimated as this is a lot of cucumbers!

1st 25 lbs washed and ready to go

TJ slicing away

ready to process

20 quarts done

After we finished the 20 quarts of dill pickles we cleaned up and headed out to lunch with Jenn and family. It was a pre celebration of her birthday. I correct that as it is know as her day of excellence as she refuses to get older.

Then it was back home with recruited helpers to finish off the bread and butter pickles. We had willing helpers who had as much fun measuring and labeling the jars. Lots of laughter and helpful hints from Uncle TJ
Sadera labeling

Anthony stirring

Sadera filling jars under a watchful eye

And to finish off the day while I cleaned up Uncle TJ, Sadera and Anthony played Clue.
A good day one I am so grateful for. Plus I have pickles lots of pickles:)


MarathonMom said…
Very cool! I'm impressed you could grow pickles in AZ. Great fun!

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