Friday, July 30, 2010

Monsoons Have Arrived

I was beginning to think we mightn't have monsoons this year. It seems they were late compared to past summers. But never fear this week the humidity has risen to an unbearable dripping ugly mess, big black clouds rolling in, winds and dust but little rain.. Thursday the rains started and we must have had a really big storm. Roof leaked, patio flooded and a lot of rocks washed down the yard away from the house. This morning I woke to a gentle soft rain most of the morning. Loving it. According to the news it looks like our weekend will be rain rain rain. Been a long time since we have seen a lot of rain.

My Sister has been busy making necklaces. I was lucky to receive one of her creations in the mail this week. Great coming home from work and finding a gift in the mailbox. I have already worn it and it goes great with jeans

So not much new. My family in Iowa, all got together and are camping. Miss those camping days. Sleeping in a tent, cooking over the campfires, swimming in the lake. Long time since I have done that.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Barbies & Mermaids Oh My

Earleen called me earlier this week and wanted me to attend a class at Mystic with her. So this morning I headed down to Mystic to do an altered shadow box with Mike and Lesley
Jennifer was hosting an altered Barbie swap and the unveiling was also today. The Barbies were unbelievable in all the detail and work that was put into them. Kim J has much better individual photos of each Barbie. Check out her blog to see more of them

After the unveiling and a little shopping :) I headed downstairs to class. What a pleasant surprise to run into Victoria and Barb. We used to do an altered journal club monthly and had such a good time. Miss those gals. It was great to catch up with them.

Earleen and Kelli were settling in when I arrived. Again what a surprise to see Kelli again. Love her gentle sweet spirit. Kelly gave Earleen and I some really neat goodies Thanks Kelli.

Mike and Lesley

The kit

Inside the kit

My almost completed shadow box. What else I am still in mermaid mode. Need to add a few more shells and the feet to the box. Loving it

and that is my Saturday. Now to cleaning, laundry and all that good stuff:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Les Sirenes> Sat

Sat morning I woke with anticipation about our next 2 classes and sadness that my wonderful Mermaid adventure was in it's last day for me.
After another yummy breakfast we headed back to our class area. On every one's chair was a burlap bag and inside a group picture beautifully framed. A gift from Kim. Word had it that Queen Mermaid Kim and her sea nymph helpers made these for us Love the frame and photo

Our hostess Kim, Instructors Jenny H, Julie T, Holly S and Melissa P and Jenny Doh

Our 1st class was with sweet Julie. We had a choice of making a headband or using Julie's project another way. We added beads to a starfish. Of course I am not done but plan to use mine in a frame. The pic below is Maija modeling her headband

Lunch was a beautiful sit down meal with beautifully decorated tables. Following lunch Jenny Doh gave a very inspirational speech. I think there were many tears during her talk. Her talk validated all of us.

Melissa had the last class of our adventure. A mini beach album. I love this album and it was fun putting it together

After packing up all of our supplies and taking them to our room we had a quiet dinner with a few of the gals that were going back to work and finish up all their class projects. Colleen and I said early good nits and headed back to pack.
It was hard to say good bye to such a relaxing, inspiring, fun filled weekend Thanks Kim for all you did to ensure we all had the best Mermaid adventure. And that finishes up my last weekend adventure.

Tomorrow I am heading to Mystic to take a class. More later

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Les Sirenes Part 2 of Friday

After lunch and mermaid jean contest we came back ready to start our class with Jenny Hernandez. This was the class I was most worried about. I needn't have worried as Jenny gave us great instructions to make a cute cute little mermaid pixie. She was so generous and also gave us a bigger mermaid to complete at home. I have to finish my big mermaid up and then will post.

After dinner we returned to a dessert and swaps evening. I joined two swaps the necklace hosted by Christine and the wall Hanging hosted by Joy. While we were indulging in desserts and swapping Fiskars did a fun make-n-take,

And that is day 1 Friday. Stay tuned for day 2 Saturday another amazing day

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friday Day 1 of the Adventure

Friday morning dawned early with Sunny Blue Skies. After a breakfast with a great group of ladies it was time to begin the adventure. The breakfast was so so good. And yes I ate unlike my roomie who had a banana and poached egg. Moi potatoes, bacon and a scrambled egg :) I like to eat I admit it.
As we walked into our class area we were in awe of the beautiful transformation that had happened while we slept. I must say again Kim had thought of everything down to the most minute detail. Everywhere you looked was beauty, blues, seashells, mermaids Just absolutely delightful.

Our table was adorned with a beautiful centerpiece and lots of seashells. Chairs had a burlap and sea shell wrap and oh my the goodies awaiting us. A bag filled to the brim with lots of goodies from generous donors, a digital mermaid sheet from Holly and our name tags.

My table mates minus Andrea and Kathleen

Our 1st class was with Miss Holly. This was one great class. We constructed everything by hand a created a beautiful pillow. Of course mine needs a few finishing touches so the pic is of Holly's.

Following class it was time for lunch. What fun to actually be able to sit outdoors for lunch. (Way too hot in AZ to enjoy outdoor dining) Salad, sandwiches and divine potato chips and delicious cookies were consumed by all of us.
After lunch Sherry Williams hosted the Mermaid jeans contest. Several of the very talented ladies embellished jeans, tops, dresses. The beautiful Denise Hahn won with her fabulous jeans

Oh my this has been a super long post. I will finish up day 1 tomorrow

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from the Beautiful Sea of Mermaids

This past weekend I was in LA for a long anticipated weekend at Kim's Les Sirenes event. It was a much needed relaxed, stress free weekend of classes, friends, and beautiful cool weather. Thursday AM I boarded the plane and soon arrived in LA where I met Colleen. We headed to our weekend destination the Belamare. What a fun boutique hotel. So many little details in the room made for a delightful weekend.

The Kleenex had a tissue rose sitting on top of it

My favorite the phone. Loved this phone

My comfortable bed

After a lunch with a few of the beautiful ladies we prepared for our first event the "cocktail " party hosted by Joy Campbell and Terry Frias.

Yummy lemon drop martinis

Colleen and Val. Note Colleen is holding my martini

The party in Joy's room

Andrea and I

Sweet goodie bags from Joy and Terry

The room with all the beautiful decor

A glimpse of the table all decked out

After indulging in martinis and appetizers we headed to the vendor event. I found some beautiful jewelry from Jamie, cute kits and treasures from Denise, a wonderful top from Deb Hodge, and beautiful laces and a new Kindle cover from Kim. MY shopping wouldn't be complete without a doll from Holly. I now have a beautiful Mermaid doll sitting on my computer desk to remind me of our wonderful weekend. I also now am the proud owner of holly's pin book. We visited and met so many new people. It was hard to say goodnight. But we did as we knew Friday would be a big day.
More tomorrow on Friday's doings

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a lazy weekend

After my hair appointment yesterday morning I headed to Mystic Paper to see Jennifer and to check out the demo Tricia Samsal was doing with the Cannon printer. She printed poster size photos if you brought in your camera card or flash drive. I was so pleased with this photo and how it turned out. Thanks Tricia. While there Kim J and her beautiful daughters and grandsons stopped by. We all had a great visit catching up.

The poster

Cards from card class at Jan's

So today was usual house stuff, lunch with John and Jenn and now just relaxing. Not much new in my life right now
Gettinng ready to head to Cali for the weekend so will have lots to share next week

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th

227 years ago...on July 4th, 1776
This great nation, the United States of America,
In a struggle for what was right and free,
Was proudly born...
May we celebrate that precious freedom
For which our forbears fought so bravely...
The freedom that is inherent
In the Stars and Stripes, our revered flag...
Celebrate Freedom
This Fourth of July!

Take time out from your celebrations today to remember all of the brave men and women fighting and sacrificing for our great country

Celebrating with Julie's wonderful cupcakes. Just look at these cute jars filled with the most delicious cupcakes.

Planning a quiet day Happy 4th to all my family and friends