Friday Day 1 of the Adventure

Friday morning dawned early with Sunny Blue Skies. After a breakfast with a great group of ladies it was time to begin the adventure. The breakfast was so so good. And yes I ate unlike my roomie who had a banana and poached egg. Moi potatoes, bacon and a scrambled egg :) I like to eat I admit it.
As we walked into our class area we were in awe of the beautiful transformation that had happened while we slept. I must say again Kim had thought of everything down to the most minute detail. Everywhere you looked was beauty, blues, seashells, mermaids Just absolutely delightful.

Our table was adorned with a beautiful centerpiece and lots of seashells. Chairs had a burlap and sea shell wrap and oh my the goodies awaiting us. A bag filled to the brim with lots of goodies from generous donors, a digital mermaid sheet from Holly and our name tags.

My table mates minus Andrea and Kathleen

Our 1st class was with Miss Holly. This was one great class. We constructed everything by hand a created a beautiful pillow. Of course mine needs a few finishing touches so the pic is of Holly's.

Following class it was time for lunch. What fun to actually be able to sit outdoors for lunch. (Way too hot in AZ to enjoy outdoor dining) Salad, sandwiches and divine potato chips and delicious cookies were consumed by all of us.
After lunch Sherry Williams hosted the Mermaid jeans contest. Several of the very talented ladies embellished jeans, tops, dresses. The beautiful Denise Hahn won with her fabulous jeans

Oh my this has been a super long post. I will finish up day 1 tomorrow


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