Monsoons Have Arrived

I was beginning to think we mightn't have monsoons this year. It seems they were late compared to past summers. But never fear this week the humidity has risen to an unbearable dripping ugly mess, big black clouds rolling in, winds and dust but little rain.. Thursday the rains started and we must have had a really big storm. Roof leaked, patio flooded and a lot of rocks washed down the yard away from the house. This morning I woke to a gentle soft rain most of the morning. Loving it. According to the news it looks like our weekend will be rain rain rain. Been a long time since we have seen a lot of rain.

My Sister has been busy making necklaces. I was lucky to receive one of her creations in the mail this week. Great coming home from work and finding a gift in the mailbox. I have already worn it and it goes great with jeans

So not much new. My family in Iowa, all got together and are camping. Miss those camping days. Sleeping in a tent, cooking over the campfires, swimming in the lake. Long time since I have done that.


Katsui Jewelry said…
Thanks, Sherry, for becoming a follower. Drawing is tomorrow and you are included. I am anxious to read your next post!
Sandy Michelle said…
It must be a bit scary to see those clouds rolling in. I camped for the first time last month and although it was relaxing, it definitely took some getting used to..


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