Back from the Beautiful Sea of Mermaids

This past weekend I was in LA for a long anticipated weekend at Kim's Les Sirenes event. It was a much needed relaxed, stress free weekend of classes, friends, and beautiful cool weather. Thursday AM I boarded the plane and soon arrived in LA where I met Colleen. We headed to our weekend destination the Belamare. What a fun boutique hotel. So many little details in the room made for a delightful weekend.

The Kleenex had a tissue rose sitting on top of it

My favorite the phone. Loved this phone

My comfortable bed

After a lunch with a few of the beautiful ladies we prepared for our first event the "cocktail " party hosted by Joy Campbell and Terry Frias.

Yummy lemon drop martinis

Colleen and Val. Note Colleen is holding my martini

The party in Joy's room

Andrea and I

Sweet goodie bags from Joy and Terry

The room with all the beautiful decor

A glimpse of the table all decked out

After indulging in martinis and appetizers we headed to the vendor event. I found some beautiful jewelry from Jamie, cute kits and treasures from Denise, a wonderful top from Deb Hodge, and beautiful laces and a new Kindle cover from Kim. MY shopping wouldn't be complete without a doll from Holly. I now have a beautiful Mermaid doll sitting on my computer desk to remind me of our wonderful weekend. I also now am the proud owner of holly's pin book. We visited and met so many new people. It was hard to say goodnight. But we did as we knew Friday would be a big day.
More tomorrow on Friday's doings


Holly Loves Art said…
What a lovely post Sherry! I wish I could have been at the martini party longer than 15 minutes! But it was lovely! You took some really great pictures!

Miss you,
Andrea said…
Great pics of the room. I didn't get any and I regret it! The rooms were neat:)
Sandy Michelle said…
Ahhh I wish I were there!

Sandy xox

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