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Sat morning I woke with anticipation about our next 2 classes and sadness that my wonderful Mermaid adventure was in it's last day for me.
After another yummy breakfast we headed back to our class area. On every one's chair was a burlap bag and inside a group picture beautifully framed. A gift from Kim. Word had it that Queen Mermaid Kim and her sea nymph helpers made these for us Love the frame and photo

Our hostess Kim, Instructors Jenny H, Julie T, Holly S and Melissa P and Jenny Doh

Our 1st class was with sweet Julie. We had a choice of making a headband or using Julie's project another way. We added beads to a starfish. Of course I am not done but plan to use mine in a frame. The pic below is Maija modeling her headband

Lunch was a beautiful sit down meal with beautifully decorated tables. Following lunch Jenny Doh gave a very inspirational speech. I think there were many tears during her talk. Her talk validated all of us.

Melissa had the last class of our adventure. A mini beach album. I love this album and it was fun putting it together

After packing up all of our supplies and taking them to our room we had a quiet dinner with a few of the gals that were going back to work and finish up all their class projects. Colleen and I said early good nits and headed back to pack.
It was hard to say good bye to such a relaxing, inspiring, fun filled weekend Thanks Kim for all you did to ensure we all had the best Mermaid adventure. And that finishes up my last weekend adventure.

Tomorrow I am heading to Mystic to take a class. More later


Holly Loves Art said…
All of your Les Sirenes posts are wonderful Sherry. I feel the same way about being sad that it's all over. They just never seem to last long enough. Hope to see you soon! ;)

Have a great time at your class tomorrow Sweetie.
Sandy Michelle said…
I enjoyed seeing all the pix! I love that mermaid you made in Polkadot pixie's class!

Sandy xox
Jenny said…
Looks like you had a blast!!!! Love your new hair color..you look great!!! Miss ya!!

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