Sunday Post

My goodness this has been a crazy 2 weeks. We are in the work eat sleep mode it seems. Obviously since I haven't blogged in awhile.
Yesterday was another much needed break from that work routine. Tina hosted another class from her beautiful home. 10 of us joined her to create a mini album. And what a fun fun day it was!!!! Lots of techniques, stamping and creative uses for office and Home depot supplies. I learned to hammer a word on a washer (great stress reliever) use metal mesh and on and on. In the end we had a mini album chocked full of fun embellishments. Poor Amanda had a "little" incident with glue explosion and a "bit" of glue in her hair.
As we arrived Rosie greeted us. Today she was allowed to stay with the group and she was very well behaved. Laughing with us and interjecting her own comments now and again. By the end of the afternoon I do think she had had enough of us and was ready for quiet.
Thanks Tina for a wonderful creative afternoon. So looking forward to the next class!

Miss Rosie. So so beautiful vibrant colors

Here she is ignoring me HA!

Cover of our mini album. Note the metal mesh in the corner

Our kits all bundled up

Name tags that we added to the album

Our place settings. Tina was very generous and gifted all of us with the stamp pad, glue sticks and the stand for our books

Tina, Amanda and I. We won't talk about the glue incident in the hair will we Amanda ??:)

Sharon, Tina and Sharon's daughter

Yummy snacks

Yummy cupcakes

I think Rosie was tired of socializing with us!

Reason I haven't ridden my bike all week. Flat flat tire. Daughter is supposed to come help me fix it today

New rain boots ha ha we never get rain but love the boots anyway

Class I took at Mystic Paper
What a fun class. 300 plus scalloped circles are added to the heart form and then sprayed with a glimmer mist type spray. I forgot to get a picture of it with the buttons on the frame oops!


Tina said…
You are so dang sweet Sherry! Thanks for all the kind words. I really had so much fun yesterday! :D Rosie is making up for the good behavior today. Maybe she misses everyone!!
Maija said…
Yeah baby! the boots rock!!!
Andrea said…
Super cute book Sherry:)

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