Diary of 5 Day 1

I am seeing...Bright blue sunny skies

I am hearing...My neighbor mowing his lawn

I am smelling...the fresh cut grass

I tasted...Trader Joes balsamic vinaigrette on my salad

I am feeling... Tired after my bike ride

I decided to restart the Simple Woman's Day Book. It was a great exercise to list what was going around me on a daily or weekly basis. She has a new site Diary of 5 in conjunction with her original site. I think this will be so much easier to keep on top of and will help to make me aware of my surroundings and feelings.

Day 2 of new diet plan is going fairly well. I am craving Reece Peanut Butter Cups ha Good thing I had eaten them all yes every last christmas tree, bell and mini cups before I started this new me makeover!!! So I ate breakfast yuck hate breakfast unless it is at a restaurant and they have eggs, hash browns bacon pancakes waffles, well you get the idea. Water consumption is down today compared to yesterday and again yes I hate water, milk, Crystal Lite but I love coffee and Diet Pepsi so as I say not enough water yet. Forgot mid morning snack oops but had my salad with veggies and protein. Oh yeah I get an afternoon snack and another big salad with meat tonite Can hardly wait. On a positive note I have gone on a bike ride yesterday and today so that is good. I am sure I will be less grumpy :) as I get used to eating breakfast/smoothie and salads for lunch and dinner. And I am really positive that the hoped for outcome will be well worth the sacrifice so dramatic yes I know:)
Somehow putting it on my blog for the whole world to see makes me much more accountable and if the snack box would sell out of the Reece Peanut Butter Cups before I go to work tomorrow life would be ever so much better


Tina said…
You are so good!!! You can do it!! I don't like eating breakfast either (well unless a cup of coffee counts) but it sure is healthy for you. Good luck on sticking with it! Good idea putting it out there to keep accountable.
Thanks for the Diary of 5 information. Happy New Year!
Oh and maybe you can talk to someone about the snack machine! ;)
Sandy Michelle said…
I am so jealous that it's so hot there! I love the smell of fresh cut grass..lol! Thanks for the birthday wishes and all the best in the new year!

Sandy xox
Mama Owl said…
I was listening to John Tesh over Christmas and mixed in with the Christmas music I heard this little tip: No matter what you're craving, whether salty or sweet, if you eat a dill pickle it will take the craving away. I have tried it and it works for me:) I enjoyed your 5!
Grace said…
I haven't smelled freshly cut grass in a while--I'm looking forward to spring! :)
Reecea said…
Enjoyed your post. Must be warm where you are, no grass here to mow for a month or two.
Gen said…
Hi Sherry, How great to meet another blogger from AZ. New to your blog through Dairy of 5. I will be posting my Diary for the first time on Monday. I have never tried Trader Joe's balsamic vinaigrette but will buy it on my next trip there. Please do stop by my blog and say Hello at

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