Welcoming 2012

Happy 2012 to my Family and Friends

Well it is time to say good bye to 2011 and welcome in 2012. Seems such a short time ago it was welcoming in 2011. As I look back to all that has happened this past year I still see so many positive uplifting things that sustained and carried me through the more recent stressful heart breaking times. Our family remains strong, faithful and blessed that even though there are some tough medical issues happening we are still all in the present.
I was so blessed to spend Christmas with TJ and Jen and her family. We welcomed a new guest this year Tal, John's twin brother joined us. A great time was had by all of us with many jokes played on poor Sadera and lots and lots of rivalry playing games.

I don't make yearly resolutions as I don't keep them, enough said. But I am starting this New Year with a positive attitude and a determination to lose this weight that is slowly creeping up on me. Probably the Reeces Peanut Butter Christmas Trees attributed to that greatly:) So to that end I have shopped for healthy food choices developed a plan with the help of my daughter who has lost weight and looks magnificent. I have new containers to keep food fresh and to easily take to work with me. I am resolved to getting back on my bike at least 3 times weekly and riding that canal again. Will see how this goes. I am determined to take better care of me, letting go of unhealthy relationships, choosing wisely what I choose to do with my free time, staying closely connected with friends and family. If anything this past year I have learned time is way to short and we need to surround ourselves with family and friends that lift us up, support us, accept us, and love us just for who we are.
Since my parents aren't on FB I am adding a few Christmas photos for them to see.

Off to a healthy happy 2012


Tina said…
Happy New Year Sherry!!! Here's to a wonderful year for you! :D
LuLu Kellogg said…
Happy New Year Sherry! It was lovely to get to see the photos of your family!

. ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★ 2012


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