Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dad and TJ put my clock works together on my wall art board and we got it hung. Note the chicken plates that Jo risked life and limb on the ladder to put up on the ledge??
On our trip to IKEA I finally found what I was looking for for my scrap room. I bought these two tables and Dad and TJ put them together while Jo and I tore my room apart and took out the table that was there. They fit perfectly in my room. All the paper in my paper keepers is lined up on the shelves and the drawers are going to allow me to organize scissors, ribbons and other things. One drawer is devoted to Cricut cartridges and supplies. The rest of the room is still a diaster but it is coming along slowly.
Friday all of us went to Anthony and Sadera's school to participate in the fall festival. Note now they can't have Halloween parties so sad. Anyway we helped them carve their pumpkins for the pumpkin walk that nite. Anthony's was a skull pirate and believe it or not he actually used the little tool and did most of the carving.

Sadera's pumpkin was a ghost and she carved hers too. I was able to get hers to show up in the dark but Anthony's was in a well lighted are so his didn't show as well

Carving Sadera's Pumpkin

Teacher wanted a picture of all of us carving Anthony's so here it is

Saturday shopping at Chandler Mall. Sadera and Aunt Jo pretending to be maniquins. This was so funny watching these two goofs. Note Sadera seems to have the posing down a bit better than her Aunt.

Mom and Dad's Christmas cards we made after Jan's design in one of my Stampin Up classes We made 30 of them and Mom and Dad wrote their Christmas letter and we found Christmas stationary and printed it for them. I think we spent 2 evening doing these cards. Fun family project


We have had a good week! Lots of little adventures, cleaning up my yard, pool and driveway. Visits to Scnepf farm, IKEA, SCRAPBOOK STORES,
And the highlight for Dad Super Suppers. What a fun Tuesday morning with all of us making 12 meals and I mite say yummy meals. Deb and the staff at Super Suppers are fun people and really ensure that you have a great experience. And we DID. The whole family making the pizza bread, which TJ has had andsays is great
Dad, Deb and TJ getting instructions on a meal
Dad and TJ working hard
Dad and TJ still preparing meals

Mom and Dad getting their aprons on and TJ washing up

Our welcome as we came in

TJ trimming my palm tree. Note the blood dripping off his ear. One of the palm branches came down on his ear and sliced it pretty good. Dad had 1/2" thorn in his finger that we finally got out. Finger looked pretty bad for a few days but looked better when he left today

Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's Official I'm on Vacation

As of Friday October 20th I am on a weeks vacation. Wahoo!! My folks and sister Jo arrived Friday at 8:55am and we picked them up from Sky Harbor. It has been a whirlwind of eating, running here and there, Schnepf Farm, Elephant Bar, IKEA, Michael's and lots and lots of catching up. Lunch at the Farm
Jo and I in the middle of the pumpkin patch
Mom and Dad posing for us
Jo has the family pics with all of us on her camera
So Monday it is a trip to DM so my sister can see where I spend most of my time. Then home to finish up my big IKEA project and put my scraproom back together. Love my new table and am so grateful to TJ and Dad for patiently putting it together despite no written instructions. More later

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Florida Disney World Family Vacation

Sadera with her face painting

Florida Flamingos

The Vicks

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saturday in review

I'm working on my check off list till my folks coming Oct 20th. I finished painting the spare bedroom "Jo Mamma's" room, have her bed up and made. I love this new Spainish Leather color.

Colleen and I were at the National Card class at Devine Memories. 5 cards were completed during this class. What fun. I bought 2 extra kits so guess what Jo, Mom and Dad we are going to make cards!
Michelle's card

Kim, Sandy and Amy's cards

Had a great Saturday and looking forward to a busy productive day today. Need to run and get pool chemicals, groceries, and a few things to finish putting the house in order. I'm so looking forward to my family visit. Lots of fun things and ideas planned. so guess I better get it together and get going. Later...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rambling thoughts

Maybe it is the challenges from last nites virtual crop and the pictures I chose, maybe it is my clogged head today and maybe it is just my getting older and finally mabe it is my extreme fatigue. Whatever it is I'm in one of those reflective moods. As I was working on my Grandmother's layout I was thinking of the women in my family. My Grandmother did not complete a highschool education, married at a very young age, raised 4 daughters in the depression area and yet she had such a way with words, of documenting the everyday happenings in her life. My Mom has that ability and so does my sister. They are able to write the most heartfelt, funny, and descriptive words. Me, when I sit down to journal I draw a complete blank and everything is stiff and so matter of fact. Grandma Hoff was artistic is so many ways and Mom and Jo are the same. It seems just in the past couple of years that I have allowed some of that creativity to emerge.
So that is pretty heavy.
In reading some of the blogs and forums of some I keep track of it amazes me what we put out there. My take on it is the blog is our personal place and we can say, write, comment, bitch, moan,complain all we want. It is ours. I'm amazed at the vicious attacks on personal blogs. Now however message boards are a whole different thing. If you choose to whine, complain and express your poor me syndrome for all to see, or express your ideas political, religious or moral then you are opening yourself up to all of us out in internet land to comment. So be ready for attacks and comments. I had written to a friend about a certain person on the message boards who continually whines about how bad things are for her. It totally drives me nuts. I need to get real and if I don't like it I need to skip her postings and move on. Life is too short to be affected and dwell on one person's life is bad poor me senario. I need to take lessons from Sandy, Michelle, Kim, Amy & Nancy on how to be more tolerant and accepting. They are great role models!!
Ok that being said I think my clogged up head, snotty nose, sneezing self will head to the shower and get ready for class. Ya'll have a great day because I'm going to.

Virtual crop

So Devine Memories held their second virtual crop with Virtual Amy as the official hostess. This is so much fun. Amy can come up with the best challenges. Too bad I was so tired. I crashed at 10 pm after completing only 4 challenges and I was not pleased with them. Just didn't seem to have my "MOJO" last nite. Anyhow here they are.
8 PM challenge Yuck I hate this layout

5PM callenge used burlap for the mat

2nd half of the 7PM challenge

1st half of the 7pm challenge

6PM challenge. This is my favorite of them all

Have a class today at Devine Memories I know I know TJ only a short time till my folks and sister arrive and I'm not ready. I will paint tomorrow. Off to get ready for class

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Thanks to Michelle D I now have a new passion. Pumpkin cookie and a pumpkin spice lattee from Starbuck's. So far I have only indulged in the cookie twice. Now the pumkin spice lattee without the whip cream mind you I have had many since last Friday. Love the fall and pumkin spice lattee. Can't wait to introduce my sister and folks to these sweet treats

Our monthly Stampin Up class at Jan's. 3 very fun cards

Colleen is cleaning again. My new shabby chic table from Colleen. Love this table.

This has been a pretty calm week to date. Only 2 more days to go till the weekend. Looking forward to class on Sat and painting on Sunday ha ha

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Birthday Celebration Continues
This has been a really busy week-end celebrating Colleen's birthday. Yesterday was our class at DM for the wall art board, dinner at Houstons and today is our beading class with Victoria at Carefree.
I bummed most of the morning as I still hadn't caught up on my sleep or rest. Still have so much to do in the house but it will get done sooner or later. So it was off to Victoria's after a stop at Starbucks for a pumkin spice lattee
Victoria is such a gentle soul so patient and calming to be around. We got to see her newest art treasures that she had bought or was making. Loved her new collection of tea pots. After our tour it was to work. Victoria had put together kits of everything we needed to start beading, She gave us demonstrations and we did a sample of all the stitches. Then it was on to our little clay faced stuffed person to embroidery using beads. I have no name for mine yet but do have a plan in my head as to how I want to her look. We'll see if she turns out that way.

My wall art board from Sat class. I'm going to put clock hands in the pic frame and hang it in my kitchen. Love it

Colleen with her little person. Colleen is using red and gold beads, Beth is using jewel tones and I'm using blues and greens more sea colors

Colleen, Beth and Victoria working away

My little person has one row of beads around her face so far.

Great weekend wish it wasn't over yet. But tomorrow it is back to the old work grind So I hear the laundry calling my name. A couple more loads before bed oh joy