We have had a good week! Lots of little adventures, cleaning up my yard, pool and driveway. Visits to Scnepf farm, IKEA, SCRAPBOOK STORES,
And the highlight for Dad Super Suppers. What a fun Tuesday morning with all of us making 12 meals and I mite say yummy meals. Deb and the staff at Super Suppers are fun people and really ensure that you have a great experience. And we DID. The whole family making the pizza bread, which TJ has had andsays is great
Dad, Deb and TJ getting instructions on a meal
Dad and TJ working hard
Dad and TJ still preparing meals

Mom and Dad getting their aprons on and TJ washing up

Our welcome as we came in

TJ trimming my palm tree. Note the blood dripping off his ear. One of the palm branches came down on his ear and sliced it pretty good. Dad had 1/2" thorn in his finger that we finally got out. Finger looked pretty bad for a few days but looked better when he left today


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