Dad and TJ put my clock works together on my wall art board and we got it hung. Note the chicken plates that Jo risked life and limb on the ladder to put up on the ledge??
On our trip to IKEA I finally found what I was looking for for my scrap room. I bought these two tables and Dad and TJ put them together while Jo and I tore my room apart and took out the table that was there. They fit perfectly in my room. All the paper in my paper keepers is lined up on the shelves and the drawers are going to allow me to organize scissors, ribbons and other things. One drawer is devoted to Cricut cartridges and supplies. The rest of the room is still a diaster but it is coming along slowly.
Friday all of us went to Anthony and Sadera's school to participate in the fall festival. Note now they can't have Halloween parties so sad. Anyway we helped them carve their pumpkins for the pumpkin walk that nite. Anthony's was a skull pirate and believe it or not he actually used the little tool and did most of the carving.

Sadera's pumpkin was a ghost and she carved hers too. I was able to get hers to show up in the dark but Anthony's was in a well lighted are so his didn't show as well

Carving Sadera's Pumpkin

Teacher wanted a picture of all of us carving Anthony's so here it is

Saturday shopping at Chandler Mall. Sadera and Aunt Jo pretending to be maniquins. This was so funny watching these two goofs. Note Sadera seems to have the posing down a bit better than her Aunt.

Mom and Dad's Christmas cards we made after Jan's design in one of my Stampin Up classes We made 30 of them and Mom and Dad wrote their Christmas letter and we found Christmas stationary and printed it for them. I think we spent 2 evening doing these cards. Fun family project


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