Thanks to Michelle D I now have a new passion. Pumpkin cookie and a pumpkin spice lattee from Starbuck's. So far I have only indulged in the cookie twice. Now the pumkin spice lattee without the whip cream mind you I have had many since last Friday. Love the fall and pumkin spice lattee. Can't wait to introduce my sister and folks to these sweet treats

Our monthly Stampin Up class at Jan's. 3 very fun cards

Colleen is cleaning again. My new shabby chic table from Colleen. Love this table.

This has been a pretty calm week to date. Only 2 more days to go till the weekend. Looking forward to class on Sat and painting on Sunday ha ha


oh wow i'm loving the table! not sure i would do anything to it. either way it's beautiful! i'll think about it. i guess it depends on where your putting it!

cute cards! i've also been craving those dang cookies!
sherry said…
Me too it is so hard to go to Starbuck's and not get the cookie

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