Rambling thoughts

Maybe it is the challenges from last nites virtual crop and the pictures I chose, maybe it is my clogged head today and maybe it is just my getting older and finally mabe it is my extreme fatigue. Whatever it is I'm in one of those reflective moods. As I was working on my Grandmother's layout I was thinking of the women in my family. My Grandmother did not complete a highschool education, married at a very young age, raised 4 daughters in the depression area and yet she had such a way with words, of documenting the everyday happenings in her life. My Mom has that ability and so does my sister. They are able to write the most heartfelt, funny, and descriptive words. Me, when I sit down to journal I draw a complete blank and everything is stiff and so matter of fact. Grandma Hoff was artistic is so many ways and Mom and Jo are the same. It seems just in the past couple of years that I have allowed some of that creativity to emerge.
So that is pretty heavy.
In reading some of the blogs and forums of some I keep track of it amazes me what we put out there. My take on it is the blog is our personal place and we can say, write, comment, bitch, moan,complain all we want. It is ours. I'm amazed at the vicious attacks on personal blogs. Now however message boards are a whole different thing. If you choose to whine, complain and express your poor me syndrome for all to see, or express your ideas political, religious or moral then you are opening yourself up to all of us out in internet land to comment. So be ready for attacks and comments. I had written to a friend about a certain person on the message boards who continually whines about how bad things are for her. It totally drives me nuts. I need to get real and if I don't like it I need to skip her postings and move on. Life is too short to be affected and dwell on one person's life is bad poor me senario. I need to take lessons from Sandy, Michelle, Kim, Amy & Nancy on how to be more tolerant and accepting. They are great role models!!
Ok that being said I think my clogged up head, snotty nose, sneezing self will head to the shower and get ready for class. Ya'll have a great day because I'm going to.


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