It's Friday!!!!!!

Yeah it is finally Friday and I have the day off. Not a day of rest that is for sure. Let's see it is 10:30 and I have already surfed the internet, raked and cleaned up the back yard, have one load of laundry in and living room dusted (not that it does any good) and mopped. Boy I am exhausted already. I made a deal with myself in setting time limits to clean and play. well so far doing ok we will see how the rest of the morning goes. Still need to go to the grocery store, fill the car up and clean the pool. Guess that means less surfing on the computer, less playing with projects and more W-O-R-K. Such is my pathetic life. I decided that even though I love my single status a man would be nice for the yard work, but then again I guess I could always hire that done. ok enough on that thought. so another busy week in recap. Worked on our response to our inspection and fed exed it out on wed yeah!!!!!! Staff meeting Tuesday went well, class on Wed at Jan's. Fun projects. Off today to get all my work done. Class tomorrow at DM and the dinner with the kids. Sunday is catch up day for all that I didn't get done today.

Jans class Wed Card, treat containers and a wall hanging I'm still working on

What I need to be doing more cleaning

And laundry

But instead I'm playing with my match box ornaments for my halloween tree Go figure

And figuring out how to get feet on my witch crow

so my time on the computer is up back to cleaning, laundry and my most favorite job going to the grocery store later!!


sav said…
whew! busy day! yeah, my favorite job is going to the grocery store too...j/k (i always try to get out of it but somehow it's always me that goes)!! nice to see you in class always =)
Kim said…
hey your matchboxes turned out cute! and i love that hat on your crow! :) grocery store... what's that???

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