Long day of shopping and exploring

Ok everyone grab your favorite beverage and a seat as you are in for a long post. Today Colleen and I headed up to 7th Ave for shopping. We had in mind to check out the new stores we have read or heard about. 1st up was Melrose Vintage. They had been closed for most of the summer so we were more than ready for our fix of everything vintage. The store has done lots of rearranging and had new pretties and of course someone who will remain nameless (not me) bought tons of stuff. Me I fell in love with the vintage tinsels and that is what I got. After we left Melrose it was on to Rust and Roses. I walked in just as they were putting up a 3 tiered bird thingy. Yeap I grabbed it b4 Colleen had a chance to lay eyes on it. Again the nameless person bought alot, this person was good!!!! After Rust and Roses we went next door to the cutest, cleanest little antique second hand store/house. Oh my I found sooo much but unlike someone "nameless" I didn't buy. This store was set up as if you were living there with bedrooms and kitchen and oh my so fun. She even had chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemnade and other good treats in the kitchen How fun! and good!

My 3 tiered bird dish

I had read about Olive Annie on Megan's Lucky 15 blog so Colleen and I headed over there. Ok now this is where I caved and bought. Again a little store in a house and it is the cutest. We had a ball exploring, trying on clothes and Colleen trying to talk the owner out of everything that wasn't for sale. She was successful and scored a very old vey unique flower frog thing. The decor and little touches were so fun. The clothes, jewelry, altered items were way too cool. So....... want to see???
As you go up the steps to enter she has her cards in the cutest pan. as well as the flower frog that Colleen scored The front porch is decorated as cute as can be and when you open the door a wonderful aroma hits you from the burning candles.

2 little gift cards I bought

And this is how she wraps your purchases so fun

Da da my new dress. Love this dress from the Kara Line. It is meant to be layered with a long slip that shows at the bottom, long sleeved t-shirt, or leggings or jeans or another dress. It is so light and so fun. I had jeans with it, a beautiful slip dress with it, long sleeved tshirt but nope didn't try the leggings not sure I'm brave enogh to wear them we will see. anyway do you get the idea I love the dress??

After Olive Annie it was lunch and then we did Sage and Paris Envy. Again not me I didn't buy hee hee but someone did and the car (mercedes you all know) continues to fill! We ended the day at RJ Peddlars for the big sale and I got some photos and Colleen well lets just say I finished filling up her trunk with her purchases. It was a very good day fun fun fun


Kim said…
holy moly!!! you did have a gr8 day! love the dress. may need to take a ride to the other side of town. i'm do for a stop at dianes anyway!

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