It's Sunday already!!!

Well here it is Sunday already and my 3 days off have flown right by. It seems that days off are shorter than work days. Maybe because I try to get so much crammed in to them. Friday I took off and went to a Resort Spa selling thing with Colleen. Now most of us know that it is a rip off!!! Not Colleen! We drove for over a hour and got there and Colleen was so angry by then that she asked for her 20 dollars back and we left. Since we were in the Cave Creek area we stopped at Mad Scrappers fun little shop with friendly staff. Colleen was on the hunt for a piece of Rusty Pickle Paper after taking a class at DM. Not there so on to Mystic Paper not there, on to Recollections not there. We ended up our night at Lowe's having acrylic cut for albums. We have enough for us and 2 very special friends. Despite the very rude man wanting service from our sales person it was a fun experience. As Colleen says just because he had $250 shoes doesn't mean he could bump in front of us! So all in all a good day. Saturday I spent cleaning, purging and sorting in my pit of a scrapbook room. I have 12 IKEA wire baskets from Colleen and managed to organize most of the stuff. Purged a huge load of unopened Disney stuff and gifted to Sandy at DM for her kids classes. Left me quite a bit more room.

So after a great nite of sleep I'm up full of energy on my last day off. I have been working on Halloween stuff for Colleen's BD celebration and for decorations for my house. Below are a few of the projects.
Tray I'm just about done with to display Witches Hats on

Match book Halloween ornament I'm working on. I want to do a swap with these. Plan is to hang on my Halloween tree

Paper mache witches boot I altered and 2 neat candles I found Friday for my table

Halloween dress for my dress colection.

Halloween cones for the special day. Not finished with these yet

Crackle Paints that I have coveted for forever. My sister went to Scrapfest in Minn and Tim Holtz released them for the first time there. I love love love these and am trying to learn how to use them. so far so good. Big THANKS Jo!!!!!!!!

Messy messy table

Ad finally the reason I'm blogging. Waiting for my gloss medium and varnish to dry. I am not patient so I thought if I blogged it could dry well. After my last experience with bees wax where I broke out in hives I decided this was a better choice. Now if this 2nd coat would just dry I could get on with my project. My crow is going to be dressed for Halloween. Wish yu were here Dad to make his/her feet out of wire. Oh well he/she may have misshapened feet!!!! But guess that goes with creepy scarey. So off to check my crow


Kim said…
you rock! you always get so much accomplished on your days off it amazes me! love it all!

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