Belated Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends. Unfortunately the rain this week did a number on my home phone and Internet. Today is the first day since Monday I have had them back. To say I was lost without the Internet is an understatement.
We had a wonderful Christmas with tons of food and lots of friendly??? game playing. We are a very competitive family especially the guys!!!
I didn't get alot of pics as mainly I was just enjoying the day.
TJ came down from Casa Grande Wed nite and helped me prepare most of the food. As he says he was the prep expert. Couldn't have done it without him. Everything turned out really good so we were stuffed and miserable. Anthony said he hadn't seen such little chickens!! We had Cornish hens.
Everyone loved their gifts and I was certainly spoiled with cashmere PJ's from Jenn and a new lens for my camera and CD player from TJ.
Even the bird was able to celebrate Christmas with a little taste of freedom. The only time he gets out of the cage is when TJ is here due to the fact I can't get him back in his cage. He loved walking about and exploring but his favorite was the Trader Joe bag.

Our meal, ham, cornish hens, au gratin potatoes, squash, green bean casserole and all the fixings. Yum it was so good

My table setting very simple this year

Mr A playing one of the new games

Uncle TJ and kids

John, TJ and kids playing a game while Jenn and I did the dreaded clean up

Kids had asked for a list of what I wanted and TJ found on line a million dollar bill which was on my list. So here it is one million dollars

A complete shocker a new camera lens from TJ loving it

And a new CD player now I have music again when the bird allows it as he trys to out sing the music so it tends to ruin my CD's

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain is gone and my internet stays on.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Colleen is in her car heading to Cali to see her new granddaughter. That was the best Christmas present she could have gotten.


Paris Cowgirl said…
One million dollars! You lucky lady. Looks like you had a great meal. See you soon!
Maija said…
Your bird is so funny!!!
You received wonderful goodies for Christmas and I bet those cashmere pj's are totally decadent!
Merry Christmas dear friend!

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