Friday, December 12, 2008


I usually have my house all decorated and my tree up at Thanksgiving. But this year I was in Iowa so nothing was done. I got home from work a bit earlier today so I plunged in and got the tree unpacked. I decided to go very simply this year. The tree and a few other decorations. It feels good to have accomplished this much today.
My tree

Glass block Jan gave me. I am loving it

My old pink Christmas balls in a jar

Just a few things on my tea cart

I have a few more things I want to find but that is pretty much going to be my decorating for this year
Meeting Colleen tomorrow to pick up my stamps and a few other goodies at Mystic and then to Costco for a few things. It is supposed to rain this weekend Yuck


Tina said...

Love your tree. It looks great. Ours isn't up as we have been dog-sitting and it would just be down again. haha But the rest is finished. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Maija said...

Your tree looks lovely!
We didn't get our decorations up right after Thanksgiving which means not everything is getting put up this year!!