Today was all about celebrating Anthony's 8th birthday. He was born on the 8th of Dec. We had to postpone dinner till today due to many commitments and scheduling difficulties. Pretty much Anthony has had a celebration every week since his birthday. Not bad.
We all met up at Carrabba's for lunch. It had been awhile since we had all gotten together. Lots of stories, catching up and tons of laughter. As usual Uncle TJ had come up with the best gift a remote controlled tarantula. You could just see the thoughts spinning in Anthony's eyes of who or what would be the victim of the creeping spider. I have a feeling Sadera mite be the recipient of a creepy crawly on her when she is asleep and I just know the cats are going to be chased around too.

The excitement of wondering what was in the package

Mr spaghetti face thrilled with his gift

Daddy John and Sadera...... Jennifer was camera happy

Grandma and Anthony


Being silly for mom's camera

TJ refused to pose as Jenn wanted but Sadera complied


pics of the resturant

After our meal I was able to finish up a bit more shopping. I am down to just one more person shall we say the most difficult one TJ!!!!!!!
Hopefully I will be able to get done tomorrow. Looking forward to the family being here on Christmas Day


kim hesson said…
so glad you had fun with that! also your hair looks cute in those photos!
Maija said…
Great phots, great fun!
Lucky Anthony, poor Sadera!

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