Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

Saturday was the 1st game that I attended for Anthony. He has found a good fit in sports for him. Anthony has tried soccer, swimming and other sports but this seems to be the right fit. He loves baseball. So bright and early I headed to Jennifer's to join the family for a morning of baseball. We got all set up in the SUN and found out the game was postponed till 10.00. Jen and I needed to finish up last minute preps for Sadera's party at 4 so we watched them practice for a bit and then headed out to Michaels. Jen went back with my camera to capture some pics with my new zoom lens. So of course here you go presenting Mr A playing ball. Oh ya his team is the Reds. And the white blur on the phots is the fence.

The hit

Running the bases

Sliding in to home. Don't all little boys slide in to home??


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