Party! Party! Party!

Happy Birthday Sadera!!!!
After Anthony's game it was time to get it into full gear for Sadera's scrap booking Birthday Party. We had put together goody bags filled with fun scrap booking and craft things for the girls to work on. Our goal was to give them projects and let them go all out in their own directions. The girls had so much fun and their creations were unique and awesome. I had made them baseball caps and aprons and they loved those. Jen had baskets that we filled with glue, tape runners, stickers, rubons, the cricut was ready, paints, stamps and the girls absolute favorites decorative scissors. They loved them and I think every pic was cut out using them:)
We used the little Epson Picture Mate to print group pics and individual pics for the girls while they were there.
It was a fun, loud, scrapping party and how appropriate we did it on NSD too.

The Group in their aprons

Their caps

The birthday girl. Note how they all put their aprons so low. Too funny

The complete group

Scrapping away

The completed first project photo / note holders out of decorated clothespins. Each one was unique and oh so cute and fit their personalities

The door hanger

Sadera working on hers

Apparently after I left they continued on and were able to utilize a ton of paper and supplies I had taken over. Great way to destash. Fun afternoon and evening
Happy Birthday Sweetie


Cheryl said…
What a great Grandma you are! It looks like they had SO much fun! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on Wednesday. I'll be driving to your fair state that day (to NAU in Flagstaff). Have fun!
Tina said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend. How fun!
And according to the last comment, tomorrow is your birthday....Happy Happy Day to You! ENJOY
Maija said…
Wonderful party!!! What a great idea, Sherry!
Can you tell I'm trying to play catch up on your life????

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