Winding Down The Dreaded Week

Another birthday come and gone. Just one birthday left to celebrate this month and that is TJ's next Saturday. Whew 3 birthdays and Mother's Day all in 3 weeks has kept us all hopping.
My dreaded another year older big milestone birthday was Wednesday. I was not looking forward to it at all. In fact to say I was dreading it was an understatement. But Wednesday came and was a wonderful day and not as depressing as I had anticipated. I answered the phone to Colleen singing Happy Birthday and got to talk to her for a few minutes before I left for work. Claudia and Peggy had decorated my office with a banner and flowers and chocolate cake. What a wonderful surprise when I arrived at work. TJ had delivered a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to brighten my day and Eleanor brought in beautiful roses and brownies. It was a great day. My folks sent me Kindil gift card and yeap I have two more books loaded. My list is growing. Thanks Mom and Dad.

After work I headed to Jan's for our monthly Stampin Up club class. We completed 2 cards and a cute gift container and Jan demonstrated a new technique using reinkers. A good way to end the day.

Last night I joined Kim, Mike and Leslie, at Mystic Paper for an art
get together (AKA LAASING Late Afternoon Altered Art Social Intimate Network Gathering). Lots of laughter and ghost stories. I didn't accomplish anything art wise but Mike demo'd UTTE. A fun laughter filled night.

So today it is the usual household stuff and maybe a bit of creating. Just a quiet restful weekend.
Projects from Wednesday nite's class

Beautiful huge Sunflower Bouquet from TJ

Sweet Ms Kim gave me a beautiful Star Orange plant, a decadent German Chocolate cake (that we all enjoyed) and treated me to Chick Fillet dinner yum. Now keep your fingers crossed I can keep it alive. It is a beautiful fragrant plant.

And of course I bought a couple of things to add to the birthday festivities
I have been wanting the Home decor Cricut Cartridge and lo and behold what shows up on my email a packaged deal for the near impossible to obtain said cartridge. Ya I caved and sent for it. Included was the free Juke box another cartridge and the ink pens for the cricut. So that arrived yesterday

Then after using the Epson Picture Mate at Jen's house last weekend I had to have this. I love the quality of these pics so yeap that arrived yesterday Good week of deliveries with lots of goodies at my house.
So there ya have it in a nut shell my week. Ended on a wonderful positive note thanks to family and friends


Tina said…
Sounds like you had a great birthday!! How fun! Lots of fun stuff and great friends to share it with. What more could you want.
I can see myself caving in to the new cricut things that I have one I am excited to expand my library. It is never-ending isn't it. Enjoy your weekend and glad you had such a nice birthday.
Maija said…
Happy Birthday darling friend!!!!
I love my picture mate photo printer- it rocks!
Kim Caldwell said…
So sorry I missed your birthday sweet Sherry. Why is it we always dread these ocassions? I have a little something for you when you visit at the end of the month. Can't wait to see you! Get ready to puff some balls!!

Hugs, Kim
Wow, what an awesome family party. You guys need to play trains. It is a Mexican game and it is so much fun. I will have to bring it over. Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

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