Reflections of my week in Iowa

I know again I have been a bad blogger, but blame it on my internet provider. No internet for four days leaves me very groucht to say the least. Despit the lack of courtsey to return my phone calls or emails, this evening I am on the net. So enough about my dislike of current provider.
TJ and I flew into Iowa the Friday before Thanksgiving. All was calm all was bright until we got a phone call from the car rental place. Yeap we were in violation of me not driving. After that little episode was taken care of we headed on our merry way into Iowa. It was a great week filled with good fod, meeting the newest memeber of the Struchen family, catching up with my sister and brothers and spending quality time with my folks. Here are just a few pics of our week.

The Struchen brothers and sisters

Wednesday nite before Thanksgiving. We were all tired after cooking all day

Meet the newest member of the Struchen's Kaiden

Mom Dad my sister and I

Tuesday we had lunch at Iowa's newest winery. Beautiful building

So just a few photos. I will blog more later. It seems I have tons of photos


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