What a weekend what a Monday

Let me just start by saying this past weekend and yesterday the start of a new week were not that stellar. In other words bluntly said it sucked!!!
This past weekend was a very cold one and add to that no heat. Yeap turned on the heat and nothing but cold air. At one point it was 52 in the house. Needless to say I had multiple layers of clothes on. Now that it is 60 to 63 in my house it seems warm:) No idea when it will be fixed.
I spent Sat afternoon running errands and doing a bit of shopping. I think Christmas will be here quicker than I will be ready.
Sunday after finishing some special projects I headed to the grocery store. Little did I know till Monday am that somewhere between the store and home my debit card came up missing. Added to no Internet again it was a wonderful weekend
So you can see my Monday started off great. Thankfully I have a new account and card and nothing was charged to my old card. Then I get home Monday from work to find the NEW roof continues to leak when it rains, the TV looks like it is dying a slow death but on a bright note I have Internet back. Go figure.
Today Tuesday is a much better day. The roofer was out at 6 am even though it was pitch black to evaluate the problem, Internet working when I left, and the TV at least turned on this AM I think it will be a good day:)

I had Kim mail my Etsy order to my folks. Every year we do a family project. This year we did Kim's wooden angels. We had a great time sitting around laughing and visiting while completing the angels
Four generations of the Struchen guys
The table

Fall Decor

So this is my first post from the Mac at work. Yeah I know I need to be working but just had to try it out. Love the Mac


Lindsey said…
Sorry about all your troubles, hope your week gets better. And 53 degrees.....I would of been a dead woman!

Take care and I've always been curious about the mac!

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