Saturday Happenings

This has been one busy week at work. Still no heat on the home front by my own choosing and no heat at work not by our choosing. The administrative side has no heat and it is a bit chilly! Name of the game this week is dress warm and wrap in a blanket while working on the computer:) Hopefully next week they will have it figured out. Anyway despite the chilly temps I am managing to stay warm.
So far this has been quite the busy weekend. Jen and John have been training for 16 weeks and ran a 12K in Gilbert this am. They did it 4 minutes under their goal so they were so pleased. Jen says the next one will be 1/2 a marathon! They will start their training for that soon. While the healthy people were running TJ, Anthony, Sadera and I baked Christmas cookes. Uncle TJ is the best as he lets them eat the dough and actually let them press out the cookies. We made a double batch of spritz. This is one of my favorites and such an easy cookie to make. Despite sugar crystals and flour everywhere we had a lot of fun. Kids helped package them up to take home.
While I cleaned up the cookie mess Sadera and TJ trimmed my out of control bouganvilla. It is so vibrant and beautiful right now but it was becoming a bit too unruly.
Tuesday was Anthony's 9th birthday and to celebrate we let him pick where to eat lunch. Once our runners were showered and recovered we headed to the secret location that only Anthony and TJ knew. Anthony thought it was quite the deal that he picked where to eat and only he and TJ knew where to go. TJ played along and drove us around the mall abit before parking at the Elephant Bar. Great lunch with way too much food. Somehow we managed to consume most of it. The desserts were beyond yummy. I had a cranberry tart that was so so good.
Now it is quiet here and I already miss everyone. The house was noisy with laughter all morning and now very silent.
Tomorrow Jen and I head out to get some Christmas shopping done and then it is home to laundry cleaning and getting ready for another work week.

Jen and John recovered and so happy with their results of the 12K

Anthony with the camera snapping pics of Sadera She is pleased as you can see

Sadera with my camera taking pics of Anthony and I

John and Jen ready for their run

Sadera making those cookies she seems to love to cook and bake like her Mom and her Uncle TJ

Helping hands

TJ and Anthony

Kids and TJ

My kitchen Christmas tree. I went very simply this year and only brought out a few decorations

A few of my favorites arranged

My tree in the living room with a row of lights that are out. Still looking for the burned bulb

And the stockings are hung!!

Looking forward to shopping with Jen tomorrow laundry and cleaning not so much.


Sandy Michelle said…
I'm glad you are enjoying the hoildays and happy birthday to your Grand Son! Try to stay warm and Happy Holidays Sherry!

Sandy xox

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