Catching Up

Well once again it has been a while since my last post. Really no excuses except daily life and work are keeping me busy.
I am happy to say my horrible cold is finally better and I dare say gone after 3 weeks. I am sure if I had stock in cold medicines and Kleenex I would be able to retire in style.

All the family are busy with school, baseball, orchestra, and work. We all manage to stay very busy with all of these things.

Jenn's husband John leaves this week for a trip with his twin brother to Rome. Can't wait to hear about his experiences.

Anthony is once again in farm league baseball and is doing really well. I think his Mom and Dad enjoy it as much as he does. Jenn has turned into the unofficial team photographer so risking life and limb she has been taking lots of pics of the boys.

Easter Sunday all the kids and grand kids were at my house. We had a fun filled day with great food and a mean game of extreme croquet. Anthony and TJ set up the croquet course so as you can imagine it was nothing like regulation game. We had a ton of fum whacking the balls through my weed filled back yard. I am happy to say that Monday the weeds are gone!!

So this should catch you all up. Friday I am heading to California to join many friends for a special Kim Caldwell event " A Jane Austen Affaire". My swaps are done and I just need to pack.
I know I will have many pics to share from this coming weekend.


Jenny said…
I'll miss being there but I hope you have a great time at the event!!!! Can't wait to see all your pics and swaps!! Have fun...thinking of you and miss you!!

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