What a fabulous weekend

Last Friday I flew in to LA to meet Colleen for Kim's Jane Affaire. What a memorable weekend it was. From hanging out with Colleen, Maija, Jessi, Earleen, Annette and Kim H at the hotel, to taking a class from Kristen, the food, the swaps, the friendships and oh my the shopping. It was such a great weekend. Unfortunately I took very few pics. But Ruth Rae and everyone else took some great pics of the event.
Friday we hung out with Maija and Jessi in their room and then had dinner with the Az girls Earleen and Annette and Denise Hahn joined us. What a fun dinner that was.

Saturday was the event. When we walked into Kim's home it was like a magical transformation had taken place. It was a beautiful feminine pinks every where you looked. Our tables had the most gorgeous floral arrangements and our place settings were oh so pretty in pinks. The goodie bag was the softest of pale pink towels made into a bag filled with gifts from the vendors. The whole day was full of surprises from the gifts Kim presented us from donations and what she had made. We even had a silhouette artist come in and do our silhouettes.

Lunch was yummy tea sandwiches and a spectacular salad. We ate out in Kim's patio that had also been transformed into a lovely garden area.

I participated in the round robin journal and the vintage hand mirror swap. It was fun to see all the journals and the beautiful mirrors.
This is my mirror from Andrea. It is beautiful.

I had Holly as my partner.

Colleen and I were able to spend time with sweet Maija

The group photo. Maija loves group photos!

This was such a fun creative weekend. I will have more photos to post including my finished project from Kristen's class and my journal.


Sandy Michelle said…
Kim sure knows how to throw a fabulous event! The pix are wonderful and you look great!

susan m said…
I am glad you ladies had a wonderful time, sorry to have missed it. I look forward to joining in in July at Artistic Affaire Les Sirenes!!
Kim Caldwell said…
So fun to play with you sweetie ~ always!!

Hugs, K

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