A Good Ending to a Long Week

The past two weeks have been long stress filled and did I say long and stressful. I really looked forward to this week end to just relax and enjoy a class at Mystic. All my wishes were fulfilled.

My week started with a theft. Someone had the nerve to not only come onto my property during daylight but also while I was sitting watching TV in my living room. I guess they couldn't get the extension cord unplugged so she cut it. I couldn't get to the driveway fast enough to catch her or get the plate number. Geesh an extension cord??? So I have had a feeling of insecurity and a little fearfulness since. Slowly ever so slowly that feeling is leaving.

Today was just what I needed. A day to play with Sadera and Jenn and Tina We met at TC Eggington's for breakfast. After a yummy filling breakfast of fritatas we headed to Mystic Paper to take a fun class with Tricia

Sadera& Jenn at breakfast

Tricia was demonstrating the Cannon Selphy printer. To say we all loved it is such an understatement. Tricia was so generous and printed many pics for all of us to add to a 7 Gypsies mini journal book

Jenn & Sadera working on their mini journals

The calendar option of the printer

The 2x2 option

Another special effects option

My little 7 Gypsies journal. Still working on it

Despite the stifling heat and humidity it was a great day. Thanks Tina for sharing the day with us.


Seems weird that all they wanted was an extension cord - one that was cut at that! People do weird things. The mini book is very cute and I have never heard of the printer so nice to see on your blog.
Tina said…
Sherry...it was a great day!!! Thanks for including me in your family outing!! Definitely what I needed also! :)

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