First week back to work

My vacation was over and it was a long tiring week at work. Winter visitors are back oh yeah! Between trying to catch up from being gone, trying to keep track of the hospital patients (I'm sure my doc thinks I was a zombie), admitting 4 new patients and figuring out staffing it was full week. Claudia was in Disneyland foraweek with her family boy did we miss ya. TJ filled in and did a good job. Jo I finally got the pics on the layout I bought at DM. The colors are absolutely perfect! Amy designed this one they told me.

Recipe swap layout I was trying to explain to my sister. Here it is Jo

Got the pics hung a good friend gave me. The colors are exactly what I was looking for so am really pleased with them and yeap the SW wine rack has to go I know

Wednesday nite was Stampin Up club at Jan's. Fun and another great group of cards.

So since Iwas awakened much earlier than I wanted by sawing, hammering and very loud Mexican music thank you neighbor for having the workers there at 6 I probably will call it an early nite. Must be getting old hee hee


love how the fall layout turned out!

also i love your recipe swap cards! can't wait to get one!

pics look great! now i need to get caught up!

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