Saturday Adventures

Colleen and I started our day at 10 with a quick trip to Starbucks and a wonderful venti Pumpkin Spice Latte. MMMMMMM Good plus as an added bonus it woke me up. We headed to Glendale to Creative Quest on the hunt for a water lily stamp for Colleen. Alsa no water lily to be had but... we found some treasures. From Glendale which by the way the traffic was horrendous thanks to some type of festival we were back on the interstate to Melrose Vintage on the corner of Lucky 15 in Phoenix. We found lots of new stuff to add to altered book collection. Colleen was able to get the other wooden display thingy and I picked up ribbon, stamps, and door knobs and a book stand. Our next stop was a vintage store next to Melrose. This was a fun store operated by 2 guys that were very sweet and funny. Yes friends and family we were soooo good. The guy behind the counter called his helper "the best helper bee" yeap we made it to the car before bursting into laughter.
After that we went to IKEA for a tree that was advertised. Plan on hanging stuff on it ha ha. A great fun day full of shopping and laughter just what is needed to relax. Altered paper mache board I did for my daughter.

IKEA tree

My book stand from Melrose Vintage

Glass doorknobs

Stamps and the vintage felt green ribbon

New stamps

Now to put all this away andget back to my altered book


Kim said…
i love all you finds!!! the glass knobs are gorgeous! love all the new stamps especially the one with the little girls shoes! book stand is wonderful and you did a great job on the family plaque for your daughter!

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