Sunday Musings

It has been a great weekend. I got lots of rest and for those of you that know me and my sleep habits I slept till 7:30 this am. Worlds record for me lately. so now that you all know I slept well here is a little glimpse of the rest of my weekend.
Saturday was family dinner with TJ, Jenn, John, Sadera and Anthony. Where did we go?? Our favorite Tsunami. Great food and fun. We were all starving and so had a big order of sushi before our meal. Little Anthony ate 8 rolls from tuna to california rolls. I guess he hasn't figured out what sushi is as he sure loves it. Sushi platter with most of it gone

Picking the favorites

Anthony and TJ patiently waiting to eat???

The gang minus Daddy John

I have started another altered book club. Our first swap is next Sunday, so I decided I probably needed to get started. My layouts are in my head but boy oh boy it is not computing to the pages. Below is the introduction to my book. I finally ripped out my first house as I painted it one to many times and the paint no longer stuck to the page oops. Anthony stopped by tonite well so did Sadera and Jenn and he liked the window in my house yeah Anthony. He also took all my reject houses.
I chose Momisms for my theme of my book this time. I'm hoping my layouts go much better than the title page has!!!

Inside the house

My sign in page

One of the other sign in pages
So there it is in a nutshell. Glad you have electricity back Mom and Dad. Stay warm!! How's the beach Jo??


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